Enhancing Your Workplace Environment

Monday, October 1, 2012

A common business goal for most owners is to create a workplace environment that is comfortable, safe, and fun. Conquering these three characteristics can be difficult to do in a time when productivity is necessary. However, it may be motivation for you to know that if you are able to create such an atmosphere, this may result in reductions in your business insurance policy.

To become a successful company, you must understand the importance of the quality of life in the workplace for your employees. Competitive salaries and benefit plans, ongoing communication, and job growth go a long way to creating a good workplace environment. These characteristics establish a sense of belonging to the work force. It is your job to let employees know they are valued and welcomed in the company’s culture.


Create an environment that fosters collaboration and recognizes employees for what they do. This means having communication between management and the work force, such as conducting regularly scheduled company-wide and departmental meetings. Also, besides soliciting employee input, you must value it. This goes along with rewarding talent and promoting from within whenever possible. Work closely with employees to allow for new challenges and job growth. These tactics will not only inspire employees to follow the mission, but also motivate them to do better.

At Hickey-Finn & Co. Inc, we believe one of the most important ways to enhance your workplace environment is to create safe spaces that reduce employee injury. This shows that the company values the work force, and fewer risks could mean fewer claims on your business insurance. Sometimes it’s not all about the money and instead, all about the happiness on the job.