Long Term Care Insurance

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, out of more than 313 million Americans, only about 8 million have any long term care insurance.

It’s estimated that each year 11 million U.S. adults will need some type of long-term care. If you are living in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut and do not have New York long term care insurance, long term care can be incredibly expensive. In fact the average private nursing home room costs $87,000 a year!

At Hickey-Finn & Co, Inc, we are committed to helping elderly residents of New York. Long term care insurance can be affordable and easy to obtain, so now is the time to secure your care in the future. Few of us actively look forward to a future spent in a nursing home or care facility, but if we don’t plan for our care now, we won’t have many choices down the road.

As it stands now, the cost of long term care insurance is underpriced. But, as the Baby Boomers inch closer and closer to retirement, the costs are projected to rise dramatically. In New York, long term care insurance rates can be locked in right now.

If you are searching for New York long term care brokers, look no further. New York residents should call, or simply fill out the form on this page for a free quote!