Why You Should Choose an Independent Agent Over An Online Insurance Service

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It’s too important of a choice to gamble on, only to find out in the event of a loss that you either don’t have the coverage or can’t get the service you need.  You might want to consider some of the advantages of having an independent agent versus online insurance services that may or may not have your best interests at hand.

Here are some advantages of choosing an Independent Agency, rather then an online Insurance Company:

  • Assist you in the event of a claim
  • Work with you to determine your needs
  • Review coverages annually to be sure you are adequately insured
  • Find the best value in terms of pricing, service and coverages offered
  • Offer a variety of products to meet your insurance needs (think one-stop shopping)
  • Provide courteous and friendly service
  • Treat you like a person and not a number

In contrast, take a look at some of the common pitfalls of online insurance programs:

  • No office
  • Insurance is state-specific. Not all online insurers provide your state’s benefits
  • Lack of personal relationship
  • Difficulty navigating insurance company phone system or website
  • No duty to advise a policyholder of coverage adequacy
  • Financial ratings not always disclosed
  • No personal advocate to act on your behalf
  • Lack of knowledge when dealing with call centers
  • May or may not be licensed Customer Service Representatives or Agents

While technology is indeed quick and easy, it can also be bland and confusing.  By working with a local agent, people are able to receive a unique and down to earth experience that could save them money, time, and stress.