Encouraging Productivity During the Holidays

Monday, November 26, 2012

Your employees love the holiday season for many reasons, one in particular being the time off they will receive. Spending time with family should be an important value emphasized in your company, but as a business owner, you should also make sure your employees stay on track. A loss in productivity could cost your company its success and trust of your customers. By regaining the dedication and focus of your team members, you can be sure to have a productive holiday season.

Rather than avoiding the challenge distractions bring on the holidays, tackle the problem head on. Running away from the issue won’t help your company continue to grow. Instead, use some of the following suggestions to maintain the focus in the office and see the results you want during the holiday season:                           

• As a leader, one of your responsibilities all year round is to set clear goals for others. However, during the holidays, you should set some additional expectations. Encourage people to finish the year strong.
• Consider throwing a holiday party on-site. Let people who are interested plan the event so everyone can celebrate in a respectful way.
• Let people know that you realize the holidays are a tough time of year to stay focused. When people know you understand their situation, you gain credibility.
• Give people something to look forward to by getting them excited for a big goal in the New Year. This tactic will help them focus now rather than later.
• Volunteer and donate to a great cause this holiday season. Get your entire team involved by organizing a toy campaign, contributing to a food drive, or other community event. This can help improve team relationships and impact productivity.

At Hickey-Finn & Co, Inc, we hope these suggestions can help you navigate the holiday season more effectively. Making this season valuable and productive can help motivate your team to reach the goals set for ultimate success. Running a business involves a significant investment, so being prepared for the unpredictable is the best way to avoid risks that could cost you business loss during the holidays.